Wednesday, August 7

inspiration weekly: v.3

"hurry up, maria!" elizabeth frowned, smoothing her perfect dress. "we mustn't keep grandma waiting! you know how she is about promptness."
maria ignored elizibeth and surveyed the flowers in front of her. the hot pink one with overflowing petals, the beautiful red rose, the lavender lilacs shining in the sunlight. which should she choose? she wondered, tilting her head to the right.
suddenly she caught sight of a small daisy with wilted petals. immediately, she scooped it up into her hands and skipped off to elizibeth.
"that's the one," elizibeth scoffed, "that you are going to bring to grandma?
"oh, yes," replied maria with a grin. "it's the perfect one."
(i know i'm a day late.)


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