Sunday, July 14


Hello there. I'm Mandy. Welcome to my blog.
Some of you may remember me from a few months ago. I had a different blog called through black + white. Well, let's just say that I'm completely starting over. I hope to improve from my last blog through this one.

Enjoy your stay!



Emma//agemmy02 said...

Ive missed you so much ♥
I know you will blow me away even more!

x Emma
Live Laugh Emma|Through The Eyes of a Doll

Amanda said...

Aw, Emma...<3 Thank you! But probably not, since you are the flawless one. ♥

Jessica said...

Ahh! You came back! :D I was so excited when I found your blog and I can't wait to read your awesome posts! :)

Amanda said...

Thank you so much, Jessica!! <3 :)